Our Mission

Our statement is one of doing the will of God, as we endeavor to have the heart of God understanding the call that is before us as the body of Christ. Our mission is to fulfill the command that has been given to us to teach His word and make disciples. To do our very best to be a light to every soul we encounter, as we give ourselves daily to the cause of Christ. To do our very best as a church, not to become religious in nature, but rather maintain a real relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Our desire is to grow in love and become one as the Lord has commanded. As we worship together we will learn to encourage one another and fight the good fight. We will do our very best to obey the word of God and fashion our lives to it. We will maintain a level of humility and never make exceptions when it comes to people, no matter race, social status or gender. Our goal is to bring souls into the Kingdom of God through hands on ministries such as feeding the hungry, visiting the prisoners, helping the widows and tending to orphans. Finally our heart will beat as one with the nation of Israel. We will pray for the peace of Jerusalem and support our Jewish family. This is our mission statement!!

Who We Are

         We are a growing church with a

vision and a heart to win the lost.  

Our goal is to impact people's lives with

the word and the power of God.